Welcome to the Painting Studio

While you are here, please explore my online galleries. They contain Abstract paintings, digital prints, and excerpts from my children’s books. From there, you can learn about my motivations as an artist as well as my publications and future exhibitions. You can also visit Franco Art Studios to view my portfolio in graphic design. 


All the artwork is available for purchase through check, money order, or a PayPal account. Contact me through the site if you are interested in a painting or piece of merchandise. Sales tax is already included, but the cost of shipping will be determined by the size and weight of each piece. Additional shipping costs may apply for regions outside the United States. All sales are final.

3 Tribes.jpg

My latest project is titled, Comanche Maneater. It combines the structure of a graphic novel with artwork developed for exhibition. The storyline is inspired by American history, Westerns, and horror films. Through a series of "found" sketches and paintings, we are told the story of an ancient Indian blood ritual that awakens tribal warriors who perished in white expansion. The narrator is an anonymous passenger on a stagecoach traveling east to Lordsburg, New Mexico. Watercolor and acrylic paintings provide character studies, while the sketches are digital images reproduced from drawings. Watch the teaser trailer on my YouTube channel.

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