I grew up in the southwestern city of El Paso, Texas. From early childhood, I was drawn to art making and creative expression. But when I left to attend college, it was with the desire to become a graphic designer. While attending Colorado State University, I became so inspired by the personal and experimental work being created in the painting department that I switched concentrations.

It was in my senior year at Colorado State that I first began experimenting with abstraction in nature and a more free form, subjective style of painting. In 2000, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. I have since exhibited my artwork in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Illinois.

For two years I served as the Artist in Residence in Painting & Drawing for the City of Phoenix. I went on to instruct K-8 students throughout Arizona in the visual arts. In 2013, I earned my Masters in Art Education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For my Thesis, I investigated how museums utilize mobile technology to create an open dialogue with adolescent learners.

Currently, I am instructing students in Graphic Design and Illustration at Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas. I also established a commercial art service that provides logo design, web development, and commissioned artwork for businesses.

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